Young typist at work.

The Lettera is on loan to a burgeoning young typist, the daughter of a friend who I mentioned has been asking her parents for a typewriter.  Shelly was kind enough to send me pictures of her with the typewriter.  She looks like a pro, doesn’t she?

Young typist at work, exhibit 1

Young typist at work, exhibit 1

Young typist at work, exhibit 2

The Olivetti Lettera 32 gets another thumbs up!


Awww. So sweet! You’re welcome, darling!


  • Joe Van Cleave

    Typewriter donations to the young folk are a great way to plant the seeds of future creativity, while also reminding them that the world of modern media didn’t start in 2008 with the iPhone.

    • Tam Lee

      You’re completely right!

  • Martha Lea

    Ahh! Really super to see kids at typewriters.

    • Tam Lee

      Yeah, it’s really great! It makes me happy to know that even in this age of iphones and tablet pcs kids still haven’t forgotten about typewriters!

  • Bill MacLane

    Delightful to see her enjoying typing.

    • Tam Lee

      Yeah, it’s great to see kids involving themselves in something other than tablets and iphones.

  • Vashelle

    Thank you so much, Tam! My oldest even got in on the fun…and she’s one of those super-techy teenagers, so it was nice to see her get back down to the basics :)

    • Tam Lee

      Yay, I’m so happy! =D Glad they’re enjoying it.

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