Typing among friends

Typing up a blog post!

Nothing beats the tactile tap-tap-tap of typewriter keys as it blends in with the white noise of a coffee shop.

Today my local writing group met for our bi-monthly meeting at the Surfers Coffee Bar in Wahiawa, HI.  We take turns leading the meetings, and since it’s my turn I decided I would bring some typewriters and have everyone type up a list of their ideas/works in progress.

We got plenty of curious glances.  Several coffee shop patrons came up to us to inquire about the typewriters.  “Where did you get that?” many asked.  The waitress stopped to chat with me about her longing for the typewriter she left back home and told me, “I’m glad you guys came in!”

Typing away!

Joanna is a pro at working the typewriter


Shelly and Brandi seem to be having fun!


In attendance were:

  • The black Olympia SF
  • The cursive Olympia SF
  • Olivetti Lettera 32 (not photographed)
  • Hermes Rocket
  • Groma Kolibri

I loaned the Olivetti–a clear favorite with everyone–to Shelly, as her 10-year old daughter has an interest in typewriters and we thought it would be a good idea for her to play with one before committing to a purchase.  Will share photos when I have them!

Also, check out this awesome pic the people at Surfers Coffee Bar took of us!  For those of you living on the island, Surfers Coffee Bar is a non-profit coffee bar run by volunteers whose profits are donated to local & global non-profit organizations.  How cool is that?  If you’re in and around Wahiawa, consider stopping by and giving them your support!

Do you get weird looks when you’re out with your typewriter?  Do you receive kind words?  

This experience made me want to take my typewriters out on more field trips, maybe organize an actual type-in in the area that I live.


  • Bill MacLane

    Looks like a great place for a type-in.

    • http://tam-lee.com/ Tam Lee

      It really was! I’m excited to go back there again =)

  • http://lanivcox.wordpress.com/ Lani

    I don’t think many folks are out and about on a typewriter ;) but I would imagine it would be a curiosity. And yes, the sound, the keys getting jammed, your fingers getting stronger/weaker…they are amazing.

    • http://tam-lee.com/ Tam Lee

      We should have a type-in when you visit Hawaii! I can totally bring a couple for us to play with, if you want!

      • http://lanivcox.wordpress.com/ Lani

        That would be great. Thanks!

  • Richard P

    Excellent! Most of the time, typing in public is a positive experience, bringing curious and appreciate comments and starting interesting conversations.

    • http://tam-lee.com/ Tam Lee

      I’m looking forward to taking my typewriters out more. I wish I lived on the mainland U.S. where it’s easier to attend type-ins. All the posts on the typosphere about them make me so jealous!

  • https://typetheclouds.wordpress.com Martha Lea

    Great stuff! I should take mine beyond the garden gate much more often…

    • http://tam-lee.com/ Tam Lee

      Ooh, what kind of typewriter do you have?

      I’ve only taken my typewriter out once or twice before, but it’s always been really fun. You feel very writerly somehow, ahaha.

      • https://typetheclouds.wordpress.com Martha Lea

        I have a few! The Lettera 22 is good to take out and about now that I have found a bag to carry it in. I took it to a Nanowrimo write in, and to the Botanic Gardens in Cambridge.( UK. )Typing under big trees was great!

        • http://tam-lee.com/ Tam Lee

          I really want a Lettera 22!! The Lettera 32 is great, but I think I would prefer the rounder keys of the 22. It’s on my typewriter wishlist, since the Sears Courier I purchased has some problems.

          Typing under big trees sounds really great!

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