Vietnamese typewriter, creative writing, and watercolors!

I received a comment on a post I wrote in March today, and it reminded me that I haven’t posted anything new on this website in six months, ahaha.  The past six months have been somewhat of a whirlwind.  Many things happened!  I don’t assume that anyone cares about what’s been happening in my life, but because this is mainly a website for me to document my life, I guess I write about that.

  • I acquired a new typewriter that types Vietnamese characters (YAY!).  That’s something off my wishlist, I think.  It’s not the prettiest thing ever, but I’m going to set aside an afternoon or two to clean it up and (maybe) give it a brand new coat of paint sometime in the near future.
  • I took the first step towards my graduate degree in creative writing and signed up for a graduate-level course at the uni.  I’m now enrolled in 625D, Foundations in Creative Writing with three insanely talented students, all of whom are probably loads younger than I am and way more well-read, having spent their undergrad careers as English majors.
  • I learned how to paint with watercolors, and began keeping a sketchbook/planner.  It started with a need for a watercolor palette that was small enough to slip into my bag so I could use it to quickly color-code my bullet-journal, and quickly spiraled out of control.  I think I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on art supplies now, ahaha.  I’ve made several tiny travel watercolor palettes, but I’ve graduated from using them just to  color in bullet points to actually painting with them.  It’s been a great journey, and I feel like I’ve become a better writer–a better person–because of it.  I see things with more visual clarity than I’ve ever done before, and appreciate the aesthetics of everything I see.  I feel like, along with writing, sketching and watercoloring has become something that’s a part of me, that I will likely do for as long as I can.Stairs going up to childhood home

That’s pretty much it~  Glad I can come back to this now and still find it all here.  Can’t wait to start posting regularly again.



  • Bill MacLane

    Congratulations on the typewriter. Your schedule seems to be getting fuller. Best of success with your class. The water color is fantastic. Great work!

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