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On Adventure


This week’s write or die prompt is “Adventure”–and term that has unexpectedly become synonymous to the life that I currently live. I never dreamed, graduating high school in the expectation of becoming a professional businesswoman that the word ‘adventure’ would figure very significantly in my life. It’s always nice to have your preconceptions refuted.

I’ve never done anything particularly adventurous in the common sense of the word: never sky-dived, or hiked up any treacherous heights, never jumped off the rocks into the water at Waimea beach, never traveled anywhere on my own without a guide.  Yet in the midst of all these nevers I still managed to inject some of that adventure into my life, after all; a year and a half ago, emboldened by my husband’s encouragement to live a little and follow my dreams, I quit my job as staff accountant at a big local public accounting firm and started my own independent bookkeeping business.

While bookkeeping is certainly a far cry from sky-diving it was a risk, a break from the certainty of steady paychecks and paid vacations, and to me it was a great adventure.  I printed business cards, set up a website, scheduled meetings with potential clients, wrapped up the work I had with the firm.  These tasks, as ordinary as they were, felt to me like the first necessary steps in a journey towards freedom, a journey that I had been too terrified to embark on at the outset.  I will never regret taking those steps.

The next exciting adventure awaits me.  As I mentioned, I’m planning to go back to school to improve my writing, to grow as a writer, and while there’s no doubt the ride will be a dumpy one, I have hopes that I will come out on the other end a better, stronger person.

I never thought adventure would find me, but have learned that one creates one’s own adventures if one has to.  Is your life already full of adventure?  If not, consider taking those first tentative steps, whatever they may be.  You won’t regret them either!

Written for WODW prompt: Adventure.
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  • Bill MacLane

    Good to see you back. Enjoy your adventure!

    • http://tam-lee.com/ Tam Lee

      Thanks, Bill! It’s good to be back! =)

  • Richard P

    Your new blog is bright and appealing. I’ll add it to the blogrolls. Keep it up!

    • http://tam-lee.com/ Tam Lee

      Thanks Richard! I’m really pleased to see you have a book coming out!

  • http://www.itsshellyscabaret.com/ Vashelle

    Starting your own business is definitely an adventure! It takes a lot of guts :) I’m not too much into the sky-diving kind of adventures either because death. Haha. I’m deathly afraid of the deep, open ocean too, so there’s that.

    Good for you for making your own living, YOUR WAY! And good luck as you further your education and grow in your writing. See you Saturday!! :)

    • http://tam-lee.com/ Tam Lee

      I’m afraid of death too XD I’m sure I think about it more than is necessary on a day to day basis!

      =D See you Saturday!! By the way, do you have anything after the thing? Can you give me a ride home, you think?

  • Runwright

    So many people never follow their dreams. That sounds like an adventure to me!

    • http://tam-lee.com/ Tam Lee

      Yes, I think so! =) Dreams are important.

  • http://www.thechroniclesofchaos.com Mia Sutton

    That’s so awesome that you are honing your craft as a writer and going back to school. I love it. And you are so right – that often we create our own adventures when we have/need to. :) Best wishes on your adventures, Tam! And thanks for linking up with us!

    • http://tam-lee.com/ Tam Lee

      Thanks, Mia! Glad to be able to find such cool people through the link up!

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